Alliance for Ageing

Comprehensive Elderly Care Initiative Funding and Administration platform

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Empowering Elderly Care with Grants Management

Alliance for Ageing Is a nonprofit organization, with a mission – to enhance the welfare of elderly individuals. This nonprofit sought to create impactful programs aimed at providing support and care to the elderly, particularly those residing in old age homes or in need of specialized assistance.

The backbone of this nonprofit's operations was their ability to secure grants from government bodies and various entities. These grants served as the financial fuel for creating and implementing programs designed to improve the lives of elderly individuals. These programs encompassed a wide array of services, including medical assistance, food provisions, nursing care, and more.

Grant-Based Program Management

The nonprofit's modus operandi was dual-pronged. On one side, they secured grants from government sources. On the other, they engaged service providers who offered a range of services, from home nursing to specialized therapies. These providers were instrumental in executing the programs funded by the grants.

Here's how it worked:

- Grants were secured, often with specific allocations, e.g., a $100,000 grant for elderly home care.
- Programs were created against these grants, outlining the services to be provided.
- Multiple service providers could be associated with a program.
- The system had to meticulously track the budget allocation, expenditure, and services rendered for each program.
- Complex business logic ensured that spending did not exceed grant limits.

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Admin Dashboard for Insightful Management

For administrators overseeing these multifaceted operations, an intuitive dashboard was developed. It provided a comprehensive view of the organization's financial status and program management.

Key dashboard components included:

- Grant Overview: This section displayed the total grants secured, total expenses incurred, and the remaining grant amount.
- Program Management: Admins could view and manage various programs created against grants. A graphical representation showcased how grant funds were allocated and spent.
- Provider Management: All service providers were listed, along with their associated services and programs.
- User Management: The platform allowed the management of user accounts.
- Reports and Data Analysis: Robust reporting capabilities allowed administrators to run queries and generate reports, vital for audits and grant oversight.

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Empowering Audits and Accountability

One of the critical functions of the system was to facilitate data retrieval and reporting for audits. The government entities and grant providers required detailed insights into how grant funds were utilized. The platform's ability to generate reports for specific services, demographics, and program outcomes was paramount.

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