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Revolutionising Event Management with Carbon Footprint Tracking

In the fast-paced world of event management, our client sought to stand out by not only delivering exceptional event logistics but also by addressing the growing concern of environmental impact. This forward-thinking company was instrumental in organizing a wide range of events, from sales conferences to seminars, ensuring seamless experiences for their clients.

They were utilizing the industry standard products like Cvent as their event management platform. However, as the world increasingly prioritized environmental responsibility due to climate change, they faced a unique challenge. They needed to calculate and report the carbon footprint of the events they organized. This data would allow them to inform their clients about the environmental impact of each event, a crucial step in promoting sustainability.

However, there were no such products on the market that not only tracked carbon emissions but also to had a robust event management system to streamline their operations. To address these challenges, our team embarked on a journey to design a comprehensive solution that would revolutionize their event management process while integrating carbon footprint tracking seamlessly.
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WIsual - project imageWIsual - project imageWIsual - project image

Understanding the Needs

In the initial discovery phase, we engaged in intensive discussions with the client to understand their pain points, objectives, and unique requirements. Two critical personas emerged:
The administrative users who needed a robust dashboard to manage events...

... and clients seeking event information.

Integrated third-party services

Integration options were offered for third-party services, enhancing the platform's functionality. Additionally, a suite of settings allowed customization to align the system with specific business needs.
The entire design process is illustrated in the double diamond diagram below.

Our Impact

By combining comprehensive event management with carbon footprint tracking, our solution equips event organizers with the tools they need to make environmentally conscious decisions while delivering exceptional experiences to their clients.

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