Pro 5

The client proposed an innovative mobile app for baseball training, designed to offer comprehensive, expert-level coaching.


UI, UX, Mobile app Design



Wisual - mobile app design

Challenges we resolved

One of the primary challenges in this project was designing an intuitive and appealing user interface that accommodates a wide range of user needs and preferences.

Wisual - mobile app design
Wisual - mobile app design
Wisual - mobile app designWisual - mobile app design


To address these challenges, we applied on iterative development process that included user requirements research, prototyping, testing and optimization. We began by identifying key user scenarios and compiling a list of functional requirements We then developed interface sketches and moved on to creating interactive prototypes.

Wisual - mobile app design timeline

Typeface & Colors


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This font elevates both the visual appeal and branding strategy of our project.

WIsual - Typography

User Flow

Our design process was characterized by enjoyable collaboration, meticulous attention to detail, and boundless passion, resulting in an exceptional product.

Wisual - mobile app design onboarding process

Results We achieved

The system assesses user-specified preferences, including preferred activities, session types, progress in training lessons, and one-on-one coach sessions.

Wisual - Two baseball bats on a wodden benchWisual - Mobile Screen Showing the feeds for the baseball
Wisual - two interactive screen showing how the app helps connect to coaches
Wisual - A baseball ball infront of the stadiumWisual - mobile app screen for profileWisual - mobile app screen design showing baseball

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