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Our UX audit delivers actionable insights that can significantly enhance usability, align with user needs and organizational objectives, and provide a better understanding of user experience.

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Wisual - UX audit

Signs you have poor user experience


Your app becomes too complex

The app has become cluttered and complicated due to numerous updates and optimizations, making it difficult for users to navigate and utilize effectively.


Your users are utterly confused

According to the observations made by the customer support team, it has been noticed that users encounter challenges while searching for what they require and completing their intended tasks.


Your business results could be better

It appears that the process you have been implementing to attract customers has been quite elaborate and costly. However, despite these efforts, your conversion rates have not experienced a significant boost.


Users abandon tasks midway

Users often encounter difficulties due to poor usability or unclear navigation when trying to complete tasks. This leads to frustration, causing them to abandon the task altogether before completing it. As a result, engagement levels and conversion rates drop, negatively affecting the overall user experience.

User-Focused UX Audit Agency

We focus on the following three areas

Wisual- objectives

Business objectives

To improve conversion rates and reduce bounce rates, with the overall aim to improve and grow sales figures



Evaluate usability through user observations and industry-standard heuristic criteria review.

Wisual- audience


Align your business objectives with key internal stakeholders and understand the users, both current and targeted.

Our UX audit services
How we work

Our expert team of experienced User Experience designers can help you with everything from organizing workshops to providing you with actionable UX design recommendations.



Set comprehensive audit goals and objectives with technology consultants.


Research & Data Collection

Collect data through a multi-tool approach, analyze user journeys


Evaluation & Analysis

Evaluate products against best practices and industry standards.


Deliver Strategic Roadmap

Deliver comprehensive findings, develop action plan collaboratively

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Wisual’s UX design audit makes a difference

Improve usability, accessibility, and user experience.
Eliminate business pain points.
Enhance customer experience.
Extensive UX audit experience.
Achieve design audit goals effectively.
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